Why Local Casinos Are Better Than Online Casinos

Those who live in or are visiting the UK will find that a local casino is never far away. In fact, there are more than 120 around the country that can be found not just in the big cities, but anywhere from Aberdeen to London, to the very tips of the country in places such as Margate and Plymouth. Whilst online casinos might have some of their own advantages over their land-based counterparts, there is nothing quite like physically stepping into a brick and mortar casino.

The Atmosphere

One of the biggest reasons that makes local casinos better than any online option is the atmosphere which truly is one of a kind. As soon as you pass through reception into the main gaming area you can immediately sense the energy in the room. Everyone is engaged, there is plenty of money on the line, pulses are racing, dice are being rolled, cards and being dealt, and wheels are being spun. The atmosphere is a totally immersive experience and in a way acts an escape from real life. The sights, sounds, smells, and action certainly cannot be replicated whilst sat at your desk on your computer or by using an app on your phone or tablet.

Physically playing at the tables

Sitting down at a table, physically holding your cards, placing a bet with coloured chips, and watching the croupier spin the wheel, roll the dice, or deal the cards is once again something that cannot be matched online. Yes, you can watch dice being thrown and cards being dealt virtually whilst taking action by clicking or tapping the screen. but the atmosphere and social factors which are both are key casino experiences are totally missing.

Real vs Online Slots

When it comes to slots yes you can easily play online, but it’s not quite the same as putting coins in the slot, pulling a lever, and hearing any winnings dropping into the tray below. These may seem like small details, but if you have been to a casino you will know what are talking about! These little things without a doubt add to the overall experience.

The Experience

Why visiting a casino in person is better than playing online in your own home can be compared to watching a film in the cinema vs watching a film on DVD. Yes, they are essentially both the same, you get to see the film no matter which option you choose, but the big screen, surround sound, hearing other people’s laughter, and the smell of popcorn take it to the next level. Much the same as being present in a stylish and glitzy venue, witnessing the action first hand, and physically participating in games trumps the digital world.

Entertainment Options

We have talked about the advantages when it comes to gambling, but there are plenty of reasons to visit and spend time at brick and mortar casinos without even having to place a single bet. The venues themselves are more often than not packed with entertainment, in fact, some of the bigger clubs even have their own specially designed show bars that host performances from some of the most popular names in the country. If you ever get hungry then there are often first class restaurants available to dine at, many of which don’t break the bank either.

The casino also acts almost like an up-market pub where you can pick up a drink, socialise with friends, meet new people, or sit back and enjoy the latest sporting action live on Sky and BT Sports.


With there being so many land based casinos in the country you fortunately, will not have to travel far to find one. Having said that if you really enjoying visiting them there is nothing stopping you traveling around and sampling what each has to offer. Some such as Aspers in North West London, Genting International in Birmingham, and Alea Casino in Glasgow are certainly well worth a visit to just for the experience alone.

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