New Bingo Sites You Should Check Out

newWith the year 2015 fast approaching its end, there are tons of new bingo sites which are being launched for all the bingo lovers. Some of them have been specifically designed while keeping in mind the Christmas and New Year theme in mind. This has been done to increase the satisfaction of the users. So let us check out some of the latest bingo sites and see whether they are worth your time or not.

Circus Bingo

Even though Circus Bingo was slated for release way back in April, it got delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances. But now that it has been launched, people are just going crazy over it. According to them, they feel it was worth waiting for. As has been said by the majority of bingo users, it is unlike any of the new bingo sites out there. The reason why it has gained such a massive fan following is because they have started giving out free promotional offers even before they had launched. Their slogan is “the greatest show on Earth” and they do whatever it takes to live up to this slogan.

All the players would have to do is make a deposit of 10 pounds and they would then be given 45 pounds to play with, which is quite amazing if you think of it. Their bingo games have been divided in to three parts to cater to every need out there. All in all, it is truly an amazing website with excellent interaction with players from all over the world.

Bucky Bingo

The next bingo site is Bucky Bingo. Since this bingo game has been operating for over thirty years in the traditional manner, it has now decided to go online as well. As soon as you get on their homepage, you will be greeted with high-tech and a welcoming theme which will instantly excite you. And by giving just some personal details, you will be able to sign up and become a registered player. In this new site, it has a free bingo format which is very popular. If you want, you can even get a welcome bonus worth 50 pounds. In other words, it is a good bingo site and considered to be much better than the other new bingo sites.

Jingle Bingo

The third bingo site which is making quite the rounds is Jingle Bingo. Like the name suggests, it has been specifically designed for the Christmas celebrations. Since this site is specifically for Christmas, it gives all its users a 300% bonus to get them in the festive mood. Being introduced under the Dragonfish network, the users will instantly feel comfortable with the style and graphics. Other than bingo games, you will also be able to enjoy a wide variety of slot games. In addition, they are also giving a wide variety of grand prizes and giveaway offers. For those who would love to see a bit more fun, there are casino games as well. The only downside is that customers have complained of there not being more variety of games.